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New Creation Center in Qatar…
is located in Qatar established in November 2020

・Worship Center and Healing Center in America… is located in North Carolina, America, established in September 2019

The Bible, containing Old
and New Testaments,
inspired word of God…

Is located in Istanbul, Turkey, established in November 2009. As a training center for Missionaries. In March 2010 1st-term students came from Japan.

Fukuoka Mission center established in 2013, affiliated with Open the Nations Ministries…2020 renaming to New creation Center

Apostle’s Alliance (AA) exists to encourage, pray, and agree with you about your upcoming meetings, finances, your family and to help train and equip you to take the power of God to the Earth.

In 2009 the first New Creation Center was established in Istanbul Turkey, for equipping all the generations who are devoted to Jesus to effectively spread and send the Gospel throughout the regions.