Salvation from suicide

There is a testimony from Cameroon. God saved one girl from the danger of suicide through Pastor Sarah’s prophetic message! Hallelujah!!
My name is Sister Melanie
I thank God for the Crusade that took place in Antioch Global Mission center.
Before that crusade I was involved in many problems. My uncles had sold the house my late father left to me before dying. They had also sent me away from the house I was staying with them. Life had become so difficult to me. So I told my friend that I was about to commit suicide. Two days after I had planned to commit suicide. My Pastor said we must all attend a crusade that was to have Pastor KIM SARAH as guest speaker. He concluded that no person should miss the crusade. I wanted to commit suicide that evening but I said it shall be after the crusade I should obey him for the last time before dying. I went to the crusade with my friend but she did not know it was that evening I had planned to die by drinking poison When the crusade started my mind was not there during the praises and worship.
The wonderful thing began when Pastor Sarah started preaching. I started looking at her She stopped in the middle of what she was saying looked toward me and said some body here wants to commit suicide. Let that person come out I felt like she had seen all my intention to die. She stretched her hand towards me and prophesied into my life I heard someone saying Do not die there is hope for you. My testimony may be long but I thank God for Pastor Sarah God used her to save me. I WILL NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE IN JESUS NAME AMEN

(That was a testimony from sister Melanie. We thank God for using you so mightily to save her life. There are also many who were saved from spiritual death .All who accepted Jesus in that program was saved from spiritual suicide as well. Thanks a lot for your ministry in Cameroon.)

-Salvation from suicide (Jan.2013 Cameroon)

The revival is coming!

I praise the mighty name of Jesus!
Two months ago, I joined the Pastor Sarah’s ministry in Enugu,
Nigeria. It was amazing… During the last worship service, suddenly Pastor Sarah turned to stage (there was Pastors) and started prophesied to them;
“Pastors who are here today are chosen one.”
“You will be the ministers like John the Baptist who prepare a pathway for the Lord’s coming.”
“Through you, people will see Jesus Christ. Among you,
there will be minister who will leave his name in Christian history.”
“Firstly, you Pastors in Enugu must be healed and unite one.”
“Then The Life Water of Holy Spirit will overflow from you to this Enugu land and flow to all of Africa!”
“The revival will start from Enugu!” ……
Immediately after, one woman started shouting in her language.
It was same prophecy. One after another three people started to prophecy. I witnessed that what is in 1 CORINTHIANS 14:28-29 was happening for real in front of me.

2 weeks after, and again 1month after, we heard good news from Enugu below. Hallelujah!
“Dear Pastor Sarah
Thank you for affecting our lives here in Nigeria.
The revival you prophesied has started with full forth! All glory to God.”
-Evang. Sunday Udeh- 29 May 2012

“Calvary Greeting in Jesus name. I thank you once again for your visit to Enugu Ngwo Nigeria, and your prophetic messages that is already being fulfilled. May God continue to increase your ministries till He comes Amen.”
-Rev. Nneji Chinedu Boniface-
Chairman Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. 10 July 2012

Golden teeth

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ, with glory, worthy and worship!!!!
During worship service in World Mission Center in Turkey, Lord has given Golden teeth to my implant with cross!!!!

29 Nov. 2011
Pastor Lee

Release from Autism
Here is a testimony one woman, Fanny living in France, experienced the healing of her son.

In October, 2011, Pastor Sarah and she met at one meeting which was held in Switzerland. She had the son of autism. By the work of Holy Spirit, Pastor Sarah’s eyes were caught by them.
When the Pastor Sarah prayed for the boy, he became quiet, jumped in on her knee and hugged her around her neck. The child’s mother was surprised very much with seeing it, because he has never done such action to the unknown person until now. Pastor Sarah already could see the healing starting in him.
However, few days later the mother has called to Pastor Sarah about the boy. She said that the boy became aggressive after they came back to the house in France, and he was messing up an entire house. She had no idea of what was going on with her son. She thought of Pastor Sarah who she met in the meeting then she made phone calls to Turkey.
Pastor Sarah began to teach her how to pray for her son by telephone. “Place your hand on him and pray as I pray”
“…Satan! I order you by Jesus Christ’s name. Come out of him!” Prayer continued about 5 minutes.
The boy became quiet again, while being prayed.

Few weeks later, Fanny sent e-mail to Pastor Sarah. Her son got perfect healing and started to go to school!
Nothing impossible to God! Praise our Almighty God!!


Healing of disease
Praise the name of Jesus!
I am Lale, 45 years old. 4 years ago my husband and I divorced.
I have no child too, and 4 years ago I had a big operation
in the same time of my divorce. Therefore I depressed and took medicine. I wanted to kill myself, but Father GOD did not let me
and sent me to the World Mission Center one year ago.
I took 6 time medicine in a day. After one and half month Father GOD said to me “stop your medicine”.
I stopped all of my medicine, even allergic medicine that
I took for 24 years.
He gave healing in my body and inner healing in my soul too.
All of my life, strength and hope is in Jesus! Hallelujah!

Sep. 2011 Lale