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What is AA?

Apostle’s Alliance (AA) exists to encourage, pray, and agree with you about your upcoming meetings, finances, your family and to help train and equip you to take the power of God to the Earth. Jesus told us to go into all of the world and proclaim the good news. Confirming signs and miracles will follow the Word we proclaim, such as laying hands on the sick and they are made well. The Lord did work with the disciples (and will work with you) with signs and miracles, giving proof and evidence, and verifying that His Word proclaimed is true. The Bible states that as believers, we are all called and have all been given the wonderful ministry of reconciling others to Christ as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. After you receive one of the training programs of WMC or Royal Academies, you can be a member of AA. Once you become a part of this memberships, you may join every meetings and training programs which are organized by Open the Nations Ministries any time you want! You can visit our mission centers or schools freely to pray, to be refreshed in your spirit/Soul/body, also you can get help for your upcoming evens, finances and training from your “Mother Center”.
AA is ready to support you for developing and extending your ministries!